Globalized World and the Facilitative Role of Modern Media and Sources of Communication in the Process of Ijtehad & Ijma


  • Maqbool Hassan


This paper aims to highlight the significance of Media and means of communication and travel in the feasibility of Ijtehad and Ijma in contemporary world. Modern means of communication and transportation have shrunken the world into a global village. Communication of news and information has become very easy. Environment is much feasible for research and investigation as compared to past. The modern print and electronic media can be used as a platform for academic dialogue and exchange of views both nationally and internationally. The invention of press has made secure the knowledge and resources and easy access to them. The invention of computer and information technology have made easy for Islamic Jurist to access the sources of knowledge. They can communicate with each other via telephone and internet; video conference, email, etc., in spite of sitting together at one place. Modern means of transportation and travel also have shrunken the distances. Years and month's traveling has become just an hour's story. Now it is unto us to have ourselves benefited from all these facilities.