Research Methodology in the Domain of Islamic Studies

  • Shahzadi Pakeeza
  • Humaira Jahangir


The most important thing given by Allah Almighty to the human being is thinking power. It enables them different from other creatures of the world. Humans thinking act, built and rebuilt his life. Allah Almighty, therefore, ordered man to think, investigate and research. This study is based on the overview of research methodology in the field of Islamic Studies. Since the domain of Islamic studies is mainly based on the Holy Quran and Ahadith or Sunnah. This paper presents a close revision for conducting a research with special reference to data handling and analysis, text and speech analysis etc. in context with Islamic studies.

How to Cite
, S. P., & , H. J. (2019). Research Methodology in the Domain of Islamic Studies. Islamic Sciences, 2(1), 24-52.

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