Intermingling of Genders at Healthcare Institutions and Centers –A Perspective of Shariah


  • Dr. Muhammad Wasie Fasih Butt



Coeducation, Intermixing, Islamic Medicine, Bioethics, Shariah Compliance


Medical treatment is regarded as Sunnah and medicine is a sacred profession. A physician is a prominent part of Islamic society. He has been believed as a righteous and conscientious person in Islamic history. However, persistence of this image has been interrupted and distorted due to decline in society and ethical values of Islamic culture. Consequently, reflections of this decline began to appear in medical profession as well. One of this pity picture is liberal and non-Islamic atmosphere of educational institutions. Since educational institutions prepare human beings having righteous character, Therefore, in the light of divine sources of knowledge, detailed description of one of their important aspects' rectification is presented in this study. The requirement of co-working in hospitals and medical colleges and an impartial analysis of its supporters' arguments and opponents has been presented as well. Keeping in view this analysis it has been established that co-existance in these institutions is incompatible to Islam's motives. However, in view of unavailability of monitory resources and manpower, rooms temporarily provided by shari'ah also have been discussed for indicating a way out for persons following religion strictly. It is, however, recommended strongly that Government and competent authorities should establish dedicated  educational institutions and segregated hospitals for both genders. They may take help of everyone possible resource. Till unavailability of this ideal system medical education in coeducational colleges and getting treatment from physician belonging to opposite gender may be obtained subject to compliance of conditions as per shari'ah depicted in this study.




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Dr. Muhammad Wasie Fasih Butt. (2022). Intermingling of Genders at Healthcare Institutions and Centers –A Perspective of Shariah. Islamic Sciences, 5(1).



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