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Preaching of Islam in Debal and Mansoorah: An Analysis based on the era of Arab’s ruling in Sindh


  • Amber Mehar


Sindh was the earliest region conquered by the Arabs and Islam was introduced there after 720 AD. Regarding the propagation and preaching of Islamic teachings in Debal and Mansora, the ruling classes gave great respect to the scholars. They were not only taking care of all their needs but also honoring them by assigning the important post and positions in the state. The rulers did not make any difference in the service of the Ulema and the same response of respect and honor was from Ulema for the rulers. In this way, together they eliminated all matters which were non-Shari'ah in the state. This papers aims to revise such a brilliant collaboration of Ulema and rulers and their impact on the society, which actually is the important need of our society too.