The importance of Hadith and Sunnah in Islamic way of life: A research review

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  • Dr. Naseem Akhter
  • Hussan Ara
  • Mr Abul Haleem Abid


Muslim Ummah agrees that correct and authentic Ahadith are building over all the Muslims. Several verses of the Holy Quran commands sincere obedience of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) is obligatory and is a religious duty of a Muslim. The way of the obedience of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) is to follow his footsteps and his teachings. His correct Ahadith should be referred in resolving all sort of religious problems and his authentic Ahadith are secondary source of Islamic law after the Holy Quran, because our Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) is a central figure of Islam. In this research paper, in the light of the views of experienced lexicographers, the lexical and intellectual meanings of the Sunnah has been explained; and importance of Hadith-o-Sunnah has been explained to live the life in Islamic manner.