A research overview of the various sayings of the critics concerning Imam Sulaiman bin Ahmad Tabrani

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  • Marium Hamid
  • Dr. Naseem AKhtar


After the Qur'an, the Hadith is the second most important source of the Islamic Shari'ah, in which the Muhaddithin had dedicated their lives to it and had tolerated every inconvenience and criticism. Nevertheless, these scholars were also not exempted from accusation and had regularly faced criticism from their peers. But even so, their determination and love of religion did not diminish.  They continued their efforts and kept spreading the Hadith to the people. One of such scholars is Imam Tabrani. He is the most famous Muhaddithin of his time, well known for his numerous credentials and traditions. However, like the other Muhaddithin, he could not escape the scourge of scholars. The purpose of this research work is to evaluate and analyze various sayings of his critics.