An Analysis of the Application of Health Informatics in Prophetic Medicine

  • Huda Junaid
  • Sheikh Adnan Ahmed Usmani


This research aims to analyze and examine the practices of Prophetic Medicine in the paradigm of Information Technology. Prophetic medicine is considered as an alternative medicine which is inexpensive as well as an effective way of treating the ailments which are sometimes considered as curable by other modes of medicine. The research design is cross sectional while assessing the current status of Prophetic medicine among traditional medicines and is based on content analysis. The research also identifies the obstacles in the development of Prophetic medicine among health informatics. It also proposes that how further development can be made to enhance healthcare in lives of people. The Informatics applications in Prophetic medicine are insufficient and are not participating as an active ingredient of medical guidance with IT despite of its potential as it is in a form of mostly e-health applications and websites that focus more on Prophetic traditions, spiritual healing, and Islamic obligations.

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Junaid, H., & Ahmed Usmani, S. A. (2019). An Analysis of the Application of Health Informatics in Prophetic Medicine. Islamic Sciences, 2(1), 1-12.