Embodied Souls, or Ensouled Bodies: A Critical Analysis


  • Willie Cox


Gender isn't a concept of being black and white or male and female. Times are hanging, and Americans no longer assume that everyone should fit into binary male or female categories. Globally, gender is determined by our genes and to be male or female is instilled in our nature, hence it is not just related to cultural indoctrination. Souls don't have a gender; they are the invisible sex. Life is made for us to face the challenges of human nature which have a certain control on our behavior, irrespective of the soul men perceive in a different way and women in a different way. Souls have no genitals, and certainly do not reproduce, thus they have no gender. Humans are more than just a body, the body is controlled by consciousness interconnected with the brain, denoting we have a soul. All the souls are made up of the same essence and substance but are verily distributed between individuals. We are not embodied souls, but ensouled bodies! This paper will focus on the belief of immortality and the arrival and presence of the soul and what happens to the gendered essence (the soul) when we die?