Principles for the study of the biography of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and orientalists approach

  • Farhat Aziz
  • Samina Sadia


Orientalists have discovered the original and ancient sources, tracked and collected manuscripts from around the world, edited them and published their translations in different languages. They have provided such a vast asset of knowledge on Islam that it is now inevitable for anyone who writes on Seerah and Islam. Their scholarly endeavors have generally been appreciated, but there has been a perception in Islamic circle that they did not use scientific honesty, impartiality and broad-mindedness in presenting Prophet's (peace be upon him) biography and Islam, but with misrepresentation and prejudice. They have deliberately distorted the events and made a concerted effort to distort the history of Islam. orientalists have written countless books on Islam not only in English but also in other languages, so all those who cannot directly benefit from the writings of Arabic or Muslims in general will read their books and understand the same in the world. What they want to tell and explain about Islam will not give them a true picture of Islam. Besides, future generation who see Islam through the eyes of these orientalists will also remain skeptical of Islam. In view of these circumstances, it is necessary to present a balanced and scholarly review of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) writings, openly acknowledging his (peace be upon him) strengths and exposing shortcomings. This is what the article under research tries to do.

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, F. A., & Samina Sadia. (2020). Principles for the study of the biography of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and orientalists approach. Islamic Sciences, 3(1), 1-20.