Scholarly position of Hazrat Zenab (R.A) and her contributions to Islamic jurisprudence: A research study

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  • Dr. Ayesha Snober
  • Dr. Ihsanullah Chishti


Hazrat Zenab is a great lady of Islam. She was the daughter of Abu Salma (R.A.) al-Makhzumi, the great companion of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). She narrated seven Ahadith directly from Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Hazrat Zenab (R.A.) quickly grew to become known as an incredible scholar of Madinah, particularly in the field of Fiqh. She was an ardent and zealous student of Islamic jurisprudence. She has not only described Ahadith and reported her observations of events, but also interpreted them. She was ever-ready to guide the common people in religious matters. As a teacher she had a clear and persuasive manner of speech. Hazrat Zenab (R.A.) is a role model for women. She taught Islam too many people. She was an authority on many matters of Islamic Law, especially those concerning women. In this article an effort has been made to describe her services as her life shows to what height Muslim women can rise.