An analytical study of the standards of majority and minority in Quranic teachings

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  • Dr. Maqbool Hasan


In life, the value given to the opinion of the majority in each aspect and keeping the literate people equal to illiterate is totally wrong. In the contemporary era, this idea is being represented by western democracy. Considering this concept, we have reviewed this idea in the light of teachings of the Holy Quran, and it is concluded that the Holy Quran and the practices of its first instructor; the Prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam does not support this philosophy. It is a purely human-made idea. On the other hand, the divine source of guidance - Islam guides us to give value and to take into consideration the merit, real abilities and capabilities of the human being rather than their mere count. It is concluded in the paper that all matters should be judged based on merit as well as issues should be decided with mutual consultation of the men of intellect, rather than on a majority and minority basis. Merely number game is not the logical way to decide issues. It is the only and the right way, otherwise, ultimate personal and communal failure will be our destiny.