Principles of Leadership for Successful State: A research overview in the light Seerah (peace be upon him)

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  • Hajra Binte Aziz


In present era leadership of Muslim countries are more controversial. For leadership managing a state is tougher target. Muslim leaders have no noteworthy part in the world. There are many reasons behind this failure. But the core of all is lack of principles of leadership. Leadership has vital and most important role in a successful state. A leader is the one who lead people for the sake of state’s objectives. Therefore, he/she must have the qualities by which individuals happily follow him and achieve set goals of state. The leader can only be successful when he set his principles and act accordingly those decided principles. Rules and regulation are the basic of all systems. Even if a small organization does not set their principle get fail. Setting principle and practicing them is the guarantee of success. Successful leaders known by their principles and never neglect their principles at all. Muhammad (peace be upon him) is an ideal and great leader in every aspect. Muhammad (peace be upon him) made neonate Medina a strong and organized state by his successful principles. This can help to lead the system of state successfully. Thus Muslim leaders should adopt such principles and can run their countries successfully.